War Road Signs Project

Road Signs During War, If War Had Road Signs:  “This is a media-themed project exploring two ideas: If the public vandalized or altered Road Signs to invoke a war-time message. Or if a governing body created and inserted Road Signs to direct the public during war-time. ”

Artist’s Summary

The war road signs are examples of America’s government taking us for complete fools with the war.The reasons for war and the charades played by our government and others lobbying for war are wrong. Our media, with the skewed view of the government, has spun the war buzz so the majority of American people are ignorant when it comes to why we are at war. Maybe the War Road Signs are over the top. Since they really are meant for the people who understand the government is taking us for fools there may be no value added. That these signs simply use a typical government road sign style and exhibit meaning to create exaggerated signs that the government would use to make everyone gaze a hollow gaze at the war that is right in front of our face. Why don’t we see it and do something that these signs subliminally portray?  Actual road signs but use wartime messages. Kind of a “What do you take us for?” type of sign.  “Who are you kidding?” “What is the reason for this?”


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