Musicians and music lyrics have shown time and time again that they create the most reliable venue for portraying their thoughts to the public. It can start with a phrase, a poem, an idea, a story, and often gets created during the music creation process simultaneously. What results is words that rhyme, music that kicks, backbeats that hold up, and choruses that make us remember.

These types of messages can be timeless; although they almost always come within the musician/songwriter from somewhere special holding more meaning for them than as it relates to us. I enjoy painting and writing, and even though the messages and content is stronger, laying some snazzy guitar track makes it stick easier. So as what I’m writing may not stick, I am ok with it providing instant gratification, even if it’s for a few minutes. It will not be diluted and can fill the void just as well as music. I decided to write a song. I haven’t laid music to it yet, so in its raw form it’s more a poem. Maybe it will stay with you longer than my other writings since it’s full of short rhymes, but I still think the better the content, message, or meaning the easier it will be for you to benefit from it and be able to take it with you sharing it with others. My song is called “Dylan Said it Best”, it’s not my first song (maybe 6th) but my richest I think.

Dylan Said it Best
I don’t want to be like him

I just want to see like him

Bob Dylan said it best

You gotta leave out the rest


Sleeping through the storm

Dreaming of the norm, cuz

That was a different time and place

Now the worlds in a grave disgrace

I wish Bob had the impact

Of all the bombs in Iraq

Then the people would see

We could stop the war on TV

I’m not folk or a poet

I just say it so you know it


I don’t want to be like him

I just want to see like him

Bob Dylan said it best

You can’t forget your nest
Music can take you there

2 or 3 minutes away from here

Turn off all that media

Let me be what I can be to ya

Again he was a social changer

Determined to be always stranger

I am not an activist

Acting’s not in the midst

This is real and I am telling

Why don’t you stop your yelling


I don’t want to be like him

I just want to see like him

Bob Dylan said it best
You can’t afford to fail this test

Try always to play the role

Sometimes playing with your soul

You’ve got to fight the fight

And violence isn’t even right

I wish I had a gun

Try to make the people run

Run for office or away

End complaining all damn day

We all got something to say


I don’t want to be like him

I wish I could see like him

Bob Dylan said it best…

Just because he said it

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