Musicians and music lyrics have shown time and time again that they create the most reliable venue for portraying their thoughts to the public. It can start with a phrase, a poem, an idea, a story, and often gets created during the music creation process simultaneously. What results is words that rhyme, music that kicks, backbeats that hold up, and choruses that make us remember. Continue reading Songwriting

Stealing Golf Carts Worldwide

A golf addict since age 14, I have always found a way to make time to get out on the courses, wherever I am. I managed to get extended stays for hours, days or even weeks. I worked at a golf course from 16 to 18 during high school. My experimentation began then and kind of slowed upon graduating from College. It involves the use of golf carts for extra-curricular transportation as well as extra curricular activities.Golf carts are everywhere. College campuses, apartment complexes, state parks, city parks, every golf course: suburban, rural and the very private. Movie sets all over Hollywood have them, for example. The Playboy mansion has golf carts. So does the Aaron Spelling property; both being adjacent to the Los Angeles Country Club down in Westwood. The idea is golf carts are not just for golf; just look around and you will see them being used for any purposes in many places. On the remote islands of Belize, Caye Caulker and San Pedro, the only mode of transportation around the islands are golf carts. Continue reading Stealing Golf Carts Worldwide