I hate Astrology

Since I am one of those steady white collar folk working with computers all day; we all have access to the internet. We love to hate it. You claim to have found the end of the internet almost monthly, growing tired of reading the same news sites everyday, checking your preferred personal email and dabbling on the net with things that interest you or strike your fancy. With this vast knowledge of information and misinformation floating around, it can be hard to justify what is right and wrong in the world today. Well today I know for a fact one thing: Astrology is wrong.

Wrong like Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer on TV, or misinformation like The Onion website www.theonion.com. (Which is hilarious and I subscribe to by the way)

The reason why astrology is wrong, is because as beer can be considered one tool for hooking up couples since it’s conception oh say a few hundred years ago, astrology does just the opposite. Right off the bat we are told that there are only so many people out there for us. That someone born between September 23rd and October 22nd is a perfect match for you. No one else? Not without a lot of work or bonding? Can you believe that? 365 days in a year and I can only work as a couple with someone born within those 30 days!

To think that if my blessed Mother held me in her womb for a whole 96 hours longer, I would be a completely different person. That I would be an Earth sign instead of a Water sign, or something like that. Who makes this stuff up anyway, was there a survey way back when? How do the stars in the sky affect me as a person? Quite literally, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my entire life. But at the same time I read my horoscope everyday.

In today’s day and age, with the amount of diversity in cultures and lifestyles, can one really judge their entire existence and personality on their birth date? Is that possible? For women to ask my sign and for me to tell her; it can be a crucial blow to your credibility right off the bat. Capricorns are too conservative; Libras are lazy, blah blah blah. It just cannot be possible.

It really pisses me off that we can be judged and valued by the day of our birth. There is someone out there writing mere bunk predicting, no instructing, me on how to live my life based on this whole concept. And the kicker is that people actually do live their lives by it! They think their weekend will actually be more insightful or romantic because of their horoscope. Something literally based off of the stars in the sky and some dude at Yahoo! thinking up clever ways to word phrases so you read his installment next week and he doesn’t lose his job.

People who read this crap start living like they are who the astrologists say who they are. “Oh I’m a Sagittarius, me and Gemini’s just don’t get along”¦ I’m too bossy and they’re too stubborn. Almost immediately negative thoughts pour from your brain. Grant it, if there was a match you would be the opposite. “Well Miss Virgo, my Capricorn eyes would love to (add something they say Virgos like here) and we’ll have a great time! But the fact of the matter is we force the issue either way, and bottom line is there are 12 signs and you only work with one of them. To me that sounds like a raw deal. Screw that noise in the neck with a rusty spike.

I hate Astrology. Don’t judge me by my birth date. Don’t have preconceived thoughts about my personality or mannerisms. Stop thinking I will be a flake or a flirt or a fuck up or a fixer upper or what have you. Some people believe in Jesus; some people believe in aliens; please for the love of human beings everywhere STOP believing in Astrology.

Stays tuned next time for my two cents (or more) on don’t judge me by my age.

13 thoughts on “I hate Astrology”

  1. You are so right. We have to search for truth within. Every outside sourse is force. Astrology make me crazy. It is safer to leave it alone. What you believe become your truth. We are not in the box. We can change and reinvent every singel second of our life. We can be who we want to be.

  2. Furthermore, even if it ever had validity, astrology charts are off by over a month. There is a nice UKSkeptics article that should be read by all. In it (and in an old episode of Cosmos) it is pointed out that the Earth has wobbled a tad in the 2600 years since the astrology charts were drawn up. According to Astronomy (the practice of actually scientifically observing and measuring stars), precession has caused the relative positions of the Earth to the Sun to the constellations in the backdrop to move by more than a month.

    Astrology (A practice about as scientific as reading chicken entrails) says that I am an Aries; however, the sun was squarely in the middle of Pisces when I was born. So according to Astrology, April is May and March is April. I’m sorry… but any “practice†that tells me an apple is an orange is an untruthful practice, and unscientific practice, and is nothing but a scam to try to take money from unthinking individuals.

    I’ll side with the science of Astronomy and leave the astrology to the people who buy into various forms of disprovable mythology.

    As a final note: Anyone who would ask me, “What’s your sign?” is too stupid for me to date, and probably shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

  3. kill astrologers, kill the bastards, they are scheming sons of bitches, who does not suffer from mood swings, up n down in life, and when was the last time God actually answered anyones prayers, what the fuck why are we tolerating this crap… start an NGO to protest astrology

  4. Astrology is a handy way to weed out the loonies. As soon as someone starts talking about zodiacs or horoscopes, you know their critical thinking processes have to be compromised in some way. It’s like a magnet for magical thinkers.

  5. I agree. It especially bothers me when atheists bring it up. Come on people – you mock people for their irrational beliefs, and yet you read horoscopes? Kinda hypocritical, don’t you think?

  6. I have been reading that crap for the longest time now. I am sooo pissed off with astology any more all it does is make me feel like total shit anymore. Telling me how I am who I will get along with how my career will be how I fight bla bla bla. I hate it. How do these so called astrologers know who I am? The bottom line is they do not. I hate it sooo much. I have an Aquarius cup in my room and I am going to smash it on a hard ground surface as soon as I get to the perfect spot and I am going to enjoy every minute of it as the stress and the beliefs I once had will delighfully drift from my mind. Ahhh I can not wait! Thank you for writing this blog. Oh yeah I HATE ASTOLOGY!!HLGAHLKJPO@JILGH O@!IY OUghmu,i

  7. Thank you so much for this. I was talking to this guy the other day and only because he knows my date of birth he assumes he knows everything about me. He keeps comparing me with the people in his life that share my same so called zodiac sign, he says dumb things like “Oh you are so much like a _____ my ex use to do that too, or my aunt was like that….” it’s so annoying that I’ve decided to tell him off and from now on I am lying about my date of birth. I honestly find the whole astrology craze very damaging and unfair for me. The people who believe in astrology are naive losers.

  8. The Sun sign astrology that you see on the internet and read in the newspapers is NOT astrology. It is reason astrology is so misunderstood. you are not limited by a few signs for love (again, sun sign astrology leading you astray).

    Real Astrology is built on 5,000 years of collective data.

    I sure would love to examine your natal chart!!!

    a professional astrology teacher

  9. me too..
    i loathe astrology..
    its a fuckin shit
    i hate it
    you know what they say..they say that i won’t get along with the one i love..n that we shouldn’t marry
    someone tell me how on earth can’t i be happy with the person i so intensely, truly, sincerely love..

    these fuckin astrologers ruined ma life..they are insane..rediculus..
    they can’t even manage their lives n they think of managing others..
    who the hell are they to decide what will work for me and what not..who are they..??

    son of the bitch..i hate them..

  10. I hate astrology also. It’s nonsense has too long poisoned my brain and my heart and made me believe a demeaning caricature which I was really very far away from.

  11. You are true, astrology is fake subject because it can not be succeed when it be tested against reality as why twins do have a different lifestyle even their date of birth and time is same and why at the time of tsunami and any natural disaster people die by the same way and at the same time and one day when world will be finished than what about the predictions which astrologers have made before the world would have been finished. Astrology is very cleverly created a long ago.

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