Picking a minor in college

When attending University, you want to get the best bang for your buck. I have recommendations for how to achieve a minor with little or no trouble. I will discuss the four areas of study that are ideal to this end: Theatre, Visual Arts, Music or Sociology. This is due to the people aka girls in those classes, the people teaching those classes, and the little amount of work needed to pass these classes. Continue reading Picking a minor in college

Working abroad: the new tourism

After graduating from college, I discovered just working with people can make you learn too. There are heroines and villains, colleagues and co-workers, cultural and communication barriers, established hierarchies and subliminal politics. Some can be so jaded and slanderous; their work banter is more funny than informative or serious.

I found that short to long term work assignments in large foreign enterprises makes for a leaps and bounds better experience abroad than normal tourist type activities. Being a pure tourist is the double edged sword I hate. Schlepping all the way across the Atlantic, making two connecting flights, a one hour train ride, a 20 min ferry boat ride, all to find hundreds of Americans in a place viewing the same fjords you saw on tv during that Rick Steve’s marathon that one time when you decided not to go with your sister to church.

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