Picking a minor in college

When attending University, you want to get the best bang for your buck. I have recommendations for how to achieve a minor with little or no trouble. I will discuss the four areas of study that are ideal to this end: Theatre, Visual Arts, Music or Sociology. This is due to the people aka girls in those classes, the people teaching those classes, and the little amount of work needed to pass these classes.

I’ll begin with Theatre. These include movie classes in sweet theatre seating lecture halls, filled with girls who are watching movies next to you every week. Every class can be like a blind date. And the topics of the movies will range from “Hollywood and the Mob”, “Dustin Hoffman films”, “Cult Films”, and “Robert De Niro films”. Most of the movies you’ve seen. There are simple quizzes at the end of each movie viewing, and cheating is allowed, if not encouraged. To fulfill a minor in Theatre, you might have to take a few introductory acting classes or some upper-division theatre/Lecturer classes. These may involve a little work to get a minor, but every Theatre class will be filled with some of the hottest chicks on campus, and there aren’t too many open spots so get moving and enroll today.

Sociology: I know it looks like a really big word and possibly an intimidating area of study. Think again. This is where you will find some major hotties, wearing their sorority tank tops and tight jeans. Some classes can get too deep in theory or analytics, but if you take a few of these classes Pass/No Pass, you can spend your time minglin with the women and pretending to be a knowledgeable scholar. The key is that Sociology is the study if society. Well, fuck, we all live in it, so anyone can talk about it and bullshit up a paper or two to get through it. Take the Upper-Division SOC classes that involve the Sociology of Youth and anything to do with sociological-related films or music.

If you like the classes, and the chicks, but are having trouble in getting a good grade in Theatre and/or Sociology, please reference my other post entitled “Taking Tests”.

We can all related to Music. What was great about my college is that there were a handful of classes, some lower-division and some upper-division, that changed topic or genre each quarter. Sample class titles: “The Beatles”, “Hip-Hop”, “The Gods of Rock Guitar”, “Brazilian Music”, “Blues: An Oral Tradition” and my personal favorite “Caribbean Music/Bob Marley”.

Now, for my major and my favorite subject: Visual Arts. I also played a college sport and had little free time; I discovered these classes were offered as little as once a week. Tuesday 3:00-6:00pm painting nudes or sculpting out of clay; it’s not only good for the mind, but loaded with the most interesting people you’ll meet in school. More importantly, the Professors are waaaaay better. Studied, creative, passionate, driven, and friendly more like a buddy than teacher. One of my favorite Professors was Italo Scanga. http://www.italoscanga.org/biography.html

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