Creating Art

In the beginning, I made art for fun, simply drawing what I enjoyed seeing. Toys, people and family were some pictures. Later, in developing art techniques, I tried a variety of art media in a series of classes from the ages of 15-21. Pencil, Ink, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Chalk, Crayon, Acrylic and oil paint, oil pastel, silkscreen, and sculpting. Some try to use a variety of mediums to show off their talent and display their knowledge of art-making.

I think art should be used as it was used centuries ago; as a communication tool and to represent yourself or your ideas through images. I decided that an artist should use the medium that best allows the artist communicate or represent ideas to an audience. For me, that medium was oil pastels. They’re like really nice color crayons.In art class, I was instructed to refer back to my previous work when I hit “artist’s block”. So I reviewed work of mine from high school and found one oil pastel out of several done in pencil, ink, colored pencil and some silkscreens. To make art that was not for sake of a picture, but a work that held meaning. To be successful, it is vital to consider your content closely. Meaning varies from person to person, but it must contain information that implies a critique upon us as a body. If not the cure, it was a push forward to fight for the cure. The only problem is that in commenting on society through art, it’s a touchy subject. Too much would turn away those who were not interested in your subject matter. And not enough would only leave too many doubts and questions unanswered in the hearts of your peers. This compromise is where I often find myself trying to be just to get the message out to as many people as possible. Thus making the connection for understanding and broadening us with reliability in art.

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